About Us

Human Communications Centre was founded in 2002 by Kurt Karsten Andersen and Tatjana Dragovic Andersen to provide coaching services and personal and professional trainings/workshops.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people achieve their goals in business, private life and health through experiential training, advanced modelling and existential coaching - ultimately with the aim of making this world a better for our clients and for everyone else.  

Our Approach

We use innovative methods and techniques in our work in order to understand and make changes in any realm of human experience and activity. We achieve this by helping people to modify and redesign their thinking patterns, promote flexibility and forge new capacities and abilities. Our techniques are very powerful, rapid and subtle and we help our clients achieve extensive and lasting changes.

Our Background

Our work has a strong foundation in academic research (educational, psychological and business), in extensive training experience (e.g. NLP trainer certifications), as well as in many years of practical experience from working with individuals and organisations all over the world.


Both Tatjana and Kurt have worked with a wide range of large and small organisations (corporations and public institutions) in many countries around Europe, either directly through Human Communications Centre or while working on European projects or with close partners.


Over the years Human Communications Centre has collaborated with many organisations and individuals. See this page for some of our closest partners.

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